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While the history of baseball is not known for sure, many historians agree that it probobly came from the old English game called rounders. It started to take off in America in the early 1800's. Throught the 1800's small towns formed small teams. In the bigger cities baseball clubs were formed. In the year 1845, Alexander Cartwright formed the rules for all of baseball. The first recorded baseball contest took place in the year 1846. After that amatuer baseball became a growing sport. Then, during the Civil War the number of baseball teams dropped dramatically. But, during that time the idea of baseball was carried to other parts of the country by union soldiers. When the war ended the interest in baseball skyrocketed. As the price of playing baseball grew more people had to pay money to go to the games to support the teams financial needs. That is when winning became much more important. In the year 1869, the first proffesional team was formed. They were called the Cincinnati Red Stockings. The Cincinnati team won sixty-five games and lost none.

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